Hoops and Ale

I trust everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday! Lots of games are scheduled this weekend, so you’ll have plenty to watch at Greeley Avenue Bar and Grill while taking a break from Christmas shopping.

Who is shooting hoops in the NBA on Friday November 30th?

  1. Phoenix at Toronto
  2. Philadelphia at Charlotte
  3. Brooklyn at Orlando
  4. Portland at Boston
  5. Washington at New York
  6. Cleveland at Atlanta
  7. Detroit at Memphis
  8. Utah at Oklahoma City
  9. Milwaukee at Minnesota
  10. Indiana at Sacramento
  11. Denver at L.A. Lakers

Saturday, December 1st:

  1. Brooklyn at Miami
  2. Portland at Clevelend
  3. Philadelphia at Chicato
  4. Oklahoma City at New Orleans
  5. Utah at Houston
  6. Boston at Milwaukee
  7. Memphis at San Antonio
  8. Detroit at Dallas
  9. Sacramento at L.A. Clippers
  10. Indiana at Golden State

Greeley Avenue offers 17 beers on tap. A few to choose from include:

HUB Abominable Winter Ale is now available on tap replacing the HUB IPA. The Abominable Winter Ale is made with Cascade, Centennial and Simcoe hops and six organic malts.This beer has a complex floral, spicy, and citrus hoppiness backed up with a balanced amount of malt sweetness. 7.3% ABV and 70 IBUs.

Hop Trip  is best described as having approximately 270 pounds of Crystal hops, (from Doug Weathers’ farm outside Salem, Oregon) added to the 50 barrel batch in addition to some dry kilned whole flower hops. That adds up to approximately 5.5 pounds of hops per barrel brewed! ABV: 5.5%  and IBUs: 38.

Lagunitas IPA leads with a woody, earthy hop aroma followed by a flavor more fruity and  piney in taste.  This beer is moderately bitter, with a hop/malt balance.  6.20% ABV and 45.6 IBU

Need something to do during the week? Join us on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday nights at 7:00 p.m. for Stumptown Poker. For additional information click here.

A special thanks to everyone who showed for a great night of fun a few weeks ago for the Greeley Grindhouse movie “Thankskilling”. I heard the evening was a lot of fun with Mac as DJ. Stay tuned for the next movie announcement!


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