Employee Spotlight and a Huge Congrats


Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill would like to welcome you to the Employee Spotlight. This month we have Amber Snow who is celebrating her three year anniversary December 11th. Amber originally started as a cook, and with time learned to bar tend. Not long after, Amber moved into management. Amber handles what beers to rotate on Greeley’s 16 taps, works with the kitchen to come up with those fantastic food specials, management meetings and much more. Amber also focuses on working with the staff in order for everything to run smoothly. She understands that if the employees are happy, so are the customers. That attitude and service is what keeps customers walking through the door.

Although Amber is no longer a cook, she still gets in the kitchen on occasion to whip up one of her delicious soups. Her favorites? The white chicken chili, gumbo, chicken lime coconut curry to name a few.

“I really enjoy working with all the Greeley Avenue and Mock Crest folks. I think we have a really fun and unique group of people and I’m proud to be part of the team! We also have a great group of customers/regulars which really make for a fun work environment! It always feels like family!” Amber said.

I also asked Amber what her hobbies were outside of Greeley. “My main hobbies are gardening, cooking. I also like camping, backpacking, snow-shoeing crabbing and fishing. I’m a huge Blazers fan and enjoy watching the games on Greeley’s 102″ HD projection screen!”

Something most people might not know about Amber? She and her partner, Jordan, are expecting their first child March 1st, a baby boy! Stop by and congratulate her!

NBA Schedule for December 11th:

  • New York @ Brooklyn
  • L.A. Lakers @ Cleveland
  • Denver @ Detroit
  • Washington @ New Orleans
  • L.A. Clippers @ Chicago

NBA December 12th:

  • Brooklyn @ Toronto
  • Atlanta@ Orlando
  • Cleveland @ Indiana
  • Chicago @ Philadelphia
  • L.A. Clippers @ Charlotte
  • Golden State @ Miami
  • Dallas @ Boston
  • Sacramento @ Milwaukee
  • Washington @ Houston
  • New Orleans @ Oklahoma City
  • Denver @ Minnesota
  • Memphis @ Phoenix
  • San Antonio @ Utah

NBA December 13th:

  • Charlotte @ Atlanta
  • L.A. Lakers @ New York
  • San Antonio @ Portland

NBA December 14th:

  • Dallas @ Toronto
  • L.A. Lakers @ Washington
  • Philadelphia @ Indiana
  • Detroit @ Brooklyn
  • Milwaukee @ Cleveland
  • Golden State @ Orlando
  • Minnesota @ New Orleans
  • Boston @ Houston
  • Sacramento @ Oklahoma City
  • Utah @ Phoenix

Don’t forget after the football games on Saturday evening, stay tuned to play some bingo.

See ya there!


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