Merry Christmas at Greeley Avenue Bar and Grill

merry_bright_christmas-t1Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill will open at 11 a.m.until 1 am on Christmas Eve. On Christmas day the doors will open at noon. What’ on the menu that day? Their cooking roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy  and a veggie for only $7.95!

Click here for full Holiday Menu and Deals

The holidays always come packed with great games, and Greeley Avenue will show them on their big screen TV’s.

NBA Schedule for Christmas Day:

  • Boston Vs. Brooklyn
  • New York Vs. L.A. Lakers
  • Oklahoma City Vs. Miami
  • Houston Vs. Chicago
  • Denver Vs.L.A. Clippers

December, 26, 2012:

  • Cleveland Vs. Washington
  • Miami Vs. Charlotte
  • New Orleans Vs. Orlando
  • Chicago Vs. Indiana
  • Detroit Vs. Atlanta
  • Brooklyn Vs. Milwaukee
  • Philadelphia Vs. Memphis
  • Houston Vs. Minnesota
  • Toronto Vs. San Antonio
  • L.A. Lakers Vs. Denver
  • Golden State Vs. Utah
  • New York Vs.Phoenix
  • Sacramento Vs. Portland

NFL Football Sunday, December 23:

  • New Orleans at Dallas
  • Tennessee at Green Bay
  • Indianapolis at Kansas City
  • Buffalo at Miami
  • San Diego at NY Jets
  • Washington at Philadelphia
  • Cincinnati at Pittsburgh
  • St. Louis at Tampa Bay
  • Oakland at Carolina
  • New England at Jacksonville
  • Minnesota at Houston
  • Cleveland at Denver
  • Chicago at Arizona
  • Ny Giants at Baltimore
  • San Francisco at Seattle

I can’t believe NFL Playoffs are around the corner. New England, the Texans, and the Broncos have clinched their divisions with the Ravens grabbing a spot in the wildcard. The NFC comes in with Atlanta and Greenbay clinching their spots, and the 49er’s holding on to the wildcard. The Vikings have gained a decent spot with 6th this year. They’ve played a much stronger game this season. The Cowboys? Don’t get me started. I was surprised to see them at number 8 and not last. Although they’re my team, I can talk smack about Romo. Here’s my advice, replace him. He’s to inconsistent. The Titans have taken a turn for the worse, even over last year. It seems they’ve lost their steam since 2008. The Denver Broncos have had a good season, and it’s nice to see them moving into a winning year. Who are your picks for the Super Bowl?

Merry Christmas everyone!


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