Center Ice Network At Greeley Avenue


The NHL Lockout is over! Reaching an agreement on Sunday, January 6th, they are hoping to begin their condensed season around January 19th. This would allow a 48, possibly a 50 game season, if all documents are signed in time. You can watch your favorite team at Greeley Avenue since they subscribe to Center Ice Network. So get ready, the NHL season is on its way!

Who’s shooting hoops this week?

Friday, January 18th:

  1. Chicago at Boston
  2. Toronto at Philadelphia
  3. Charlotte at Orlando
  4. Houston at Indiana
  5. Atlanta at Brooklyn
  6. Sacramento at Memphis
  7. Golden State at San Antonio
  8. Washington at Denver
  9. Oklahoma City at Dallas

Saturday, January 19th:

  1. Sacramento at Charlotte
  2. San Antonio at Atlanta
  3. Memphis at Chicago
  4. Golden State at New Orleans
  5. Houston at Minnesota
  6. Cleveland at Utah
  7. Milwaukee at Portland
  8. Washington at LA Clippers

Sunday, January 20th:

  1. LA Lakers at Toronto
  2. Dallas at Orlando
  3. Boston at Detroit
  4. Oklahoma City at Denver

I had a great visit to Greeley a few weeks ago. I enjoyed a few glasses of wine, watched some basketball, and chatted with a few of the staff. Blake gave myself and husband fantastic service, sat down with us for a few minutes, and made us feel like we were regular customers for years. The customer service is what distinguishes the good from the fantastic. Greeley  is fantastic. It’s an awesome bar for the Super Bowl next month. They have the space, TV’s, and the service to make it a great time. If you’re not into the football game, move over to the pool table, or have a seat and enjoy your friends and food. You just can’t go wrong at Greeley Avenue.

I’ll have an update concerning the Greeley Grindhouse soon, so stay tuned, and see ya there!


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