To Kill and to Conquer!

The Giant LeechesYou’d think we were discussing a history lesson from the title, but no! It’s Greeley Grindhouse once again. Join us as Greeley Avenue hosts the “Attack of the Giant Leeches!”. Grindhouse is on Thursday, January 24th at 7:20 PM so mark your calendars.

This masterpiece is a low budget movie lovers dream. Originated in 1959, “Attack of the Giant Leeches”, deals with a local trapper, Lem Sawyer, as he witnesses a giant creature, and then people mysteriously begin to disappear.  A bit later, things aren’t looking good for Lem, and while searching for illegal traps, Steve Benton and Nan Greyson, find him. His body is covered with large sucker wounds and he’s left for dead. Another couple also gets snatched by the leeches, but the police aren’t buying the story. Shortly after, more people disappear, and that’s when the local game warden gets involved. You won’t want to miss this sucky ending. Join us for drinks, and great bar grub as Greeley Grindhouse fires up a film that will suck the life right out of you. As always, movie mogul Mac Bell hosts the evening with Smack TV.

You’ll find us at: 5421 North Greeley Avenue Portland, OR 97217

Basketball season continues with the weekend schedule:

Friday, January 25th:

  1. Minnesota vs. Washington
  2. Detroit vs. Miami
  3. Brooklyn vs. Memphis
  4. Golden State vs. Chicago
  5. Oklahoma City vs. Sacramento
  6. Boston vs. Atlanta
  7. Milwaukee vs. Cleveland
  8. San Antonio vs. Dallas
  9. Houston vs. New Orleans
  10. Utah vs. LA Lakers

Saturday, January 26th:

  1. Cleveland vs. Toronto
  2. Chicago vs. Washington
  3. New York vs. Philadelphia
  4. Minnesota vs. Charlotte
  5. Brooklyn vs. Houston
  6. Golden State vs. Milwaukee
  7. Indiana vs. Utah
  8. Phoenix vs. San Antonio
  9. Sacramento vs. Denver
  10. LA Clippers vs. Portland

We’ll have details for your Super Bowl Party soon, so stay tuned.


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