Fight Dirty at Greeley Avenue!

Fight Dirty

It’s Greeley Grindhouse time again, and we’re going to fight dirty!

Join us on Thursday, February 21st, for the martial arts classic, “The Street Fighter”. Classic grindhouse trailers will show before the fighting event that begins at 7:20 p.m.

Sonny Chiba is the star of this martial arts flick, and was a pivotal figure in the 70’s explosion of martial arts movies as the lethal “fists for hire”. Unlike Bruce Lee, Sonny Chiba wasn’t a graceful, fluid fighter. However, don’t mistake his butt kicking skills. According to Sonny became the “ferocious machine that mowed down his opponents with his fists and feet, always with a menacing grimace on his face!”

The film opens with Takuma (Terry) Tsurugi breaking a murderer out of prison by inflicting bodily damage. While the prisoner is transported to the hospital, Tsurugi ambushes the ambulance and sets him free. After this event is aired on the news, Tsurugi’s services become high in demand. An oil tycoon, kidnapping and gangsters follow in this action flick. This movie is also noted as  the first film to receive an X-rating in the United States solely for violence.

Need a fix before Grindhouse night? View a few minutes on Youtube.

A huge thank you to everyone who showed for the kill and conquer slug fest last month! What did you think of the event? One happy customer said, “Beer and food were damn good. Hats off to the Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill staff for the their usual excellent service.” You’ll find us at 5421 North Greeley Avenue Portland, OR 97217.

Greeley’s got the games on TV. This weekend NBA schedule is as follows:

Friday, February 22nd:

  1. New York at Toronto
  2. Denver at Washington
  3. Chicago at Charlotte
  4. Detroit at Indiana
  5. Houston at Brooklyn
  6. Sacramento at Atlanta
  7. Orlando at Memphis
  8. Dallas at New Orleans
  9. Minnesota at Oklahoma City
  10. Boston at Phoenix
  11. Portland at LA Lakers
  12. San Antonio at Golden State

Saturday, February 23rd:

  1. Houston at Washington
  2. Denver at Charlotte
  3. Cleveland at Orlando
  4. Miami at Philadelphia
  5. Indiana at Detroit
  6. Atlanta at Milwaukee
  7. Utah at LA Clippers

Don’t forget Quizzies at GA every Wednesday starting at 6:00 p.m. Grab a bite and beer and get ready for the bar trivia!

See ya there!


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