A Home Run at Greeley

The chatter has begun concerning the 2013 MLB season, with changes in place mlb_hamilton_16_crop_650x440including the Astros switch to American League West. The ESPN “Sunday Night Baseball” starts on March 31, and the teams playing that evening will be announced soon. Regular season opens with 12 games on April 1, including the traditional opener in Cincinnati. So, here’s your upcoming Greeley Avenue baseball schedule.

Monday March 31st:

  • Rangers vs. Astros

Monday, April 1st:

  • Red Sox vs. Yankees
  • Marlins vs. Nationals
  • Padres vs. Mets
  • Cubs vs. Pirates
  • Rockies vs. Brewers
  • Angels vs. Reds
  • Tigers vs. Twins
  • Royals vs. White Sox
  • Giants vs. Dodgers
  • Phillies vs. Braves
  • Mariners vs. Athletics
  • Cardinals vs. D-backs

Tuesday, April 2nd:

  • Orioles vs. Rayes
  • Indians vs. Blue Jays
  • Rockies vs. Brewers
  • Rangers vs. Astros
  • Cardinals vs. D-backs
  • Mariners vs. Athletics
  • Giants vs. Dodgers

The NHL regular season runs until April 27th, with playoffs beginning on May 1st. With the Stanley Cup up for the taking, the playoff season could skate into the end of June. However, in 1995 the Cup Final ended in four games. For now, here’s your mid-week schedule.

Thursday, March 14th:

  • Florida vs. Boston
  • Pittsburgh vs. Toronto
  • Washington vs. Carolina
  • Chicago vs. Columbus
  • NY Islanders vs. Tampa Bay
  • NY Rangers vs. Winnipeg
  • Phoenix vs. St. Louis
  • Colorado vs. Minnesota
  • Anaheim vs. Dallas
  • Nashville vs. Vancouver
  • Los Angeles vs. San Jose

Friday, March 15th:

  • New Jersey vs. Philadelphia
  • Nashville vs. Calgary
  • Detroit vs. Edmonton

A huge thanks to everyone who showed for Greeley Grindhouse last month, and don’t forget we’ll “Fight Dirty” again this month due to technical difficulties. So, if you thought you missed Sonny Chiba and the great smack TV, no worries, Greeley has you taken care of .

For those new to the blog, Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill hosts Quizzies every Wednesday night at 6 p.m. What’s Quizzies you ask? It’s bar trivia, so grab your friends and test your knowledge.

Have a great week, and we’ll see ya there!


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