NHL and Beer

NHLThe NHL is nearing the end of its regular season, with the games a full on hustle. Here’s the NHL schedule for mid-week through Saturday at Greeley Avenue.

Thursday, April 11th:

  • NY Islanders vs. Boston
  • Ottawa vs Philadelphia
  • Carolina vs Washington
  • Montreal vs Buffalo
  • Pittsburgh vs Tampa Bay
  • San Jose vs Detroit
  • Florida vs Winnipeg
  • St. Louis vs Minnesota
  • Colorado vs Los Angeles

Friday, April 12th:

  • Ottawa vs New Jersey
  • St. Louis vs Columbus
  • Dallas vs Nashville
  • Detroit vs Chicago
  • Phoenix vs Calgary

Saturday, April 13th:

  • Philadelphia vs Buffalo
  • Vancouver vs Colorado
  • Montreal vs Toronto
  • NY Rangers vs NY Islanders
  • Tampa Bay vs Washington
  • Boston vs Carolina
  • Pittsburgh vs Florida
  • Columbus vs Minnesota
  • San Jose vs Dallas
  • Calgary vs Edmonton
  • Anaheim vs Los Angeles

Did you know that Greeley Avenue Bar and Grill is known for its variety of draft beers? Greeley offers several “everyday drafts”.

A few of these are:

  1. Guinness Stout
  2. Lagunitas IPA
  3. Miller High Life
  4. New Belgium Fat Tire
  5. Angry Orchard Cider
  6. Coors Light
  7. Budweiser
  8. Pabst Blue Ribbon

Here are some fun beer trivia facts:

  • Did you know that beer is the second most popular beverage in the world? The most popular is tea!
  • Pabst Beer became Pabst Blue Ribbon in 1893 because it was the first beer to win a blue ribbon at the Chicago World’s Fair.
  • Who would have guessed this next beer fact, Monks brewing beer in the Middle Ages were allowed to drink five quarts of beer a day!
  • The Pilgrims landed on Plymouth rock due to running out of beer and decided to end their journey early.
  • And for a bit of entertainment’s sake, toss salted peanuts in a glass of beer it makes the peanuts dance.

Have a great week, and we’ll see ya there!


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