What’s on Tap for the NBA Playoffs?

The regular season of the NBA ends Wednesday, April 17th and playoffs begin on nba_wrap_01Saturday April 20th. There’s no lack of great games Wednesday either, and of course Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill has them available. Here’s the schedule for the last day of the regular season:

  • Washington vs Chicago
  • Boston vs Toronto
  • Minnesota vs San Antonio
  • Detroit vs Brooklyn
  • Philadelphia vs Indiana
  • New Orleans vs Dallas
  • Golden State vs Portland
  • Utah vs Memphis
  • Milwaukee vs Oklahoma City
  • Atlanta vs New York
  • Orlando vs Miami
  • Phoenix vs Denver
  • Cleveland vs Charlotte
  • LA Clippers vs Sacramento
  • Houston vs LA Lakers

Let’s talk a bit about the playoffs. Sixteen of the 30 league teams make the playoffs, 8 from each conference.  All first games of the 8 first round match-ups are played on April 20 or 21, and there are no first round byes. Playoffs offer fans intense back to back games until one team claims the championship. So tune in and watch your favorite teams at Greeley.

What’s available on tap while watching the NBA games? Greeley brings a variety of drafts to the bar with sixteen available to choose from. They range from the good ol’ brews like Pabst Blue Ribbon, Guinness, Bud light and Mirror Pond to the rotating beers that include:

  1. Portland Brewing Rose Hip Gold
  2. Widmer Brothers Hopside Down
  3. Fullsail Weizen Bock

Portland Brewing Rose Hip Gold is a seasonal spring beer. It’s a Belgian-style ale with notes of fruit and spice and a bit of citrus bite from an ample addition of rose hips in the kettle. Hops used include a Summit and Crystal with malts of Pilsner, 2-Row Pale, Honey, Wheat and Victory. It has an ABV of 6%.

Have a great week, and we’ll see ya there!


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