Fight Dirty Part 2

Fight DirtyIt’s Greeley Grindhouse time again! Join the fun on April 25th for “The Street Fighter”. Sonny Chiba, scheduled for February, didn’t show due to kicking butt and cracking his DVD. A reliable source says recovery has gone well, and the  “The Street Fighter” will appear for his scheduled performance.  Classic grindhouse trailers will air before the fighting event begins at 7:20 p.m.

Sonny Chiba is the star of this martial arts flick, and was a pivotal figure in the 70’s explosion of martial arts movies as the lethal “fists for hire”. Unlike Bruce Lee, Sonny Chiba wasn’t a graceful, fluid fighter. However, don’t mistake his butt kicking skills. According to Sonny became the “ferocious machine that mowed down his opponents with his fists and feet, always with a menacing grimace on his face!” This movie is also noted as  the first film to receive an X-rating in the United States solely for violence.

Need a fix before Grindhouse night? View a few minutes on Youtube.

Grab a brew before the fun gets started. Always available drafts include a range from Pabst Blue Ribbon, Guinness, Bud light and Mirror Pond to the rotating beers that include:

  1. Portland Brewing Rose Hip Gold
  2. Widmer Brothers Hopside Down
  3. Fullsail Weizen Bock

The Widmere Brothers Hopside Down is a new beer from Widmer Brothers Rotator IPA Series called Hopside Down India-Style Pale Lager.   This beer is an “aggressively hopped, cold-fermented brew” that brings together the clean crisp finish of a lager with the hoppy aroma & character of an IPA with an  6.7% ABV.

Thanks for all your support during March Madness and rescheduling Greeley Grindhouse. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!


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