Did Someone Say Tap?

GAIt’s that time of year where the leaves change color, the air has an undercurrent of coolness and the mornings are crisp and clean. It’s a beautiful time of year, but with that also comes the rain. The rain frustrates some, but Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill is still you’re steady place to go offering a number of sports on their TVs, wrapping you in warmth, serving hot food while you dry off from the rain, great choices of beer and other delicious beverages.

In fact, Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill offers 17 beers on tap, including Hop Trip, Lagunitas IPA, Ninkasai IPA, Angry Orchard Cider, Fat Tire and more. There’s always the rotating taps as well, and right now you can order:

  • HUB Organic IPX
  • Everybody’s Brewing Country Boy IPA
  • Oakshire Line Dry Rye
  • Deschutes Twilight

Deshurtes Twilight offers a light, but full-flavored aromatic Ale. This beer pours golden orange with a thick white head and nice lacing, citrus hops, lemon peel, and sweet malt. It’s a well-balanced flavor slightly on the sweet side. It offers an ABV of 5%.

Just don’t forget those are subject to change when they run out, so grab them while you can!

Here’s your upcoming NFL schedule:

Thursday, October 10th:

  • New York Giants at Bears

Sunday, October 13th:

  • Packers at Ravens
  • Bengals at Bills
  • Lions at Browns
  • Rams at Texans
  • Panthers at Vikings
  • Raiders at Chiefs
  • Steelers at Jets
  • Eagles at Buccaneers
  • Jaguars at Broncos
  • Titans at Seahawks
  • Saints at Patriots
  • Cardinals at 49ers
  • Redskins at Cowboys

Monday, October 14th:

  • Colts at Chargers

Welcome and thank you to all the new subscribers! Have a great week and we’ll see ya there!


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