This Week at Greeley Avenue Sports Bar and Grill…

Quizzies continues to grow in popularity at Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill. What a great way to celebrate HUMP day and look forward to the upcoming weekend. The host, Roy Smallwood, asks questions from an arena of topics including but not limited to:

  • Music
  • Film history
  • Geography
  • Science
  • Sports

Join us at Greeley Avenue every Wednesday evening beginning at 6 p.m.IMG_2934

The Oregon Ducks travel to California to play against Stanford November 7th. Will the Ducks continue their streak of winning and stomp them? Stanford has also done well this season. This might turn into a well matched, hard hitting game!

The Beavers will travel to Arizona, but not til the 16th of November. So stay tuned for more information and what time the game will play at Greeley.

Greeley has some great beers on tap including:

  • Believer
  • Chasin’ Freshies
  • Country Boy IPA

Believer, brewed by Ninkasi Brewing in Eugene, Oregon offers a 6.9% AVB and IBU of 60. This beer pours a clear blood orange and a smell of resiny hops and a bready rye. The flavor is bitter with a red beer spicy accent. A good dose of sweetened malts, some bits of tea hops and a cinnamon like finish. Medium bodied with reserved carb and a bit of a dry finish.

Here’s your week of NFL at Greeley:

Thursday, November 7th:

  • Washington at Minnesota

Sunday, November 10th:

  • Seattle at Atlanta
  • Detroit at Chicago
  • Philadelphia at Green Bay
  • Jacksonville at Tennessee
  • St. Louis at Indianapolis
  • Oakland at NY Giants
  • Buffalo at Pittsburgh
  • Cincinnati at Baltimore
  • Carolina at San Francisco
  • Houston at Arizona
  • Denver at San Diego
  • Dallas at New Orleans

Monday, November 11th:

  • Miami at Tampa Bay

Have a great week and we’ll see ya there!


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