Greeley Grindhouse Presents…

Fiend without a FaceThere were good times by all at Greeley Grindhouse last month with a successful viewing of the killer Santa flick, “Christmas Evil” (1980), one of Greeley Grindhouse’s  largest turnouts yet! Thanks to everyone for coming in.

Greeley Grindhouse will bring in the New Year with a movie about killer brains and tails… “Fiend Without a Face” from 1958. We are back on schedule with movies playing on Thursday, January 16th, so mark your calendar!

This fiendish movie is set in Manitoba, Canada and begins with mysterious deaths in a small town near an airbase. Postmortems reveal the reason of death as brains and spinal cords missing with only marks on each victim’s neck as the only clue.

The main character, Air Force Major Jeff Cummings played by Marshall Thomspon, has suspicions concerning Professor R.E. Walgate, played by Kynaston Reeves, a scientist. Major Cummings investigates and soon finds his theory accurate that indeed the professor has developed telekinesis! However, the experiments were conducted at the nuclear power plant and have enhanced his abilities. The backlash to his experiments are invisible life forms now running around the town and claiming victims.

As the creatures kill and feed on victims their powers increase and they become visible. It’s the town’s fearless leader, Major Cummings, who takes control of the situation and takes the survivors to safety, or so they think.

Join us in the explosive conclusion of this movie!

Mac Bell will host this evening of fun as everyone texts their comments for Smack TV adding to the already comical scene.

Thanks again to everyone for making Greeley Grindhouse a great hit! We look forward to serving you in the upcoming 2014!

Have a great week ane we’ll see ya there!


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