OH Yeah! Superbowl’s Coming to Greeley!

super-bowl-2014-7802It’s Superbowl time at Greeley, February 2nd! I’m hoping both teams show up to win and we have lots of action and points. There’s nothing better than a good game where you’re holding your breath or yelling at the TV. So come on in and yell with the rest of us as we cheer for our favorite team.

There’s plenty of chatter concerning who should walk away the Superbowl champ. But also what will the weather hold this year for the teams since it’s outside? Will the wind blow 20 mph? Will snow fall making it extra difficult? Or will nothing happen except a fantastic game between the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks? Stay tuned as we watch yet another Superbowl.

Guess what Greeley Avenue Bar and Grill did just for you? They subscribed to ESPN Full Court to offer you more of the NCAA games. How’s that for some love? And, they playing a lot of games! What a perfect way to help you relax and get through the work week!

Here’s a look at what’s coming up on the full court channel for the NCAA:

Tuesday, January 28th:

  • Texas at Kansas
  • Texas Tech at Kansas State
  • Wednesday, January 29th:
  • Northern Illinois at Kent
  • Vanderbilt at Georgia
  • Virginia Tech at Boston College
  • Alabama at Auburn
  • Missouri State at Drake
  • Mississippi at Tennessee
  • Florida State at north Carolina State
  • Miami at Maryland
  • Syracuse at Wake Forest

Thursday, January 30th:

  • Arkansas at Tennessee
  • Miami at Buffalo
  • Syracuse at North Carolina
  • No Dakota at South Dakota
  • Texas Arlington at Western KY
  • Bakersfield at New Mexico State
  • Kentucky at Georgia

Friday, January 31st:

  • Stetson at Florida Gulf Coast
  • Illinois State at Loyola

Have a great week and we’ll see ya there!


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