Sports This Week At Greeley Ave

Hey everyone! Don’t forget to join us tonight for Greeley Grindhouse at 7:20 p.m.! A little William Shatner and Andy Griffith will do you good!

Here’s an update of what’s on this week At Greeley Ave! This will get your through the rest of the week so grab a drink, kick back and watch some good games!Portland-Timbers

Portland Timbers Soccer
Regular Season Opener!!
Sat 3/8 vs. Philadelphia @ 7:30 PM

US Men’s Soccer
Wed 3/5 vs. Ukraine @ 10:30 AM

Portland Trailblazers Basketball
Mon 3/3 vs. LA Lakers @ 7 PM
Wed 3/5 vs. Atlanta @ 7:30 PM
Fri 3/7 vs. Dallas @ 5:30 PM
Sun 3/9 vs. Houston @ 4 PM

winterhawksPortland Winterhawks Hockey
Fri 3/7 vs. Seattle @ 7 PM

Thursday 3/6

 NCAA Basketball Memphis vs. Cincinnati   4:00 PM ESPN

NCAA Basketball LSU vs. Vanderbilt   4:00 PM ESPN2

NCAA Basketball Penn St. vs. Northwestern   4:00 PM ESPNU

NHL Colorado vs. Detroit   4:30 PM NHLN

NBA Miami vs. San Antonio   5:00 PM TNT

NCAA Basketball Iowa vs. Michigan St.   6:00 PM ESPN

NCAA Basketball UCLA vs. Washington   6:00 PM ESPN2

NCAA Basketball Hawaii vs. UC Santa Barbara   6:00 PM ESPNU

NBA   7:30 PM TNT

NCAA Basketball USC vs. Washington St.   8:00 PM ESPNU

Friday 3/7

NBA Memphis vs. Chicago   4:00 PM ESPN

NCAA Basketball Kent St. vs. Akron   4:00 PM ESPN2

NBA Portland vs. Dallas   5:30 PM CSN

Fri Night Fights   6:00 PM ESPN2

NBA Indiana vs. Houston   6:30 PM ESPN

WHL Portland vs. Seattle   7:00 PM ROOT

Saturday 3/8

NCAA Basketball Kentucky vs. Florida   9:00 AM CBS

NCAA Basketball Kansas vs. West Virginia   9:00 AM ESPN

NCAA Basketball SMU vs. Memphis   9:00 AM ESPN2

NCAA Basketball Cincinnati vs. Rutgers   9:00 AM ESPNEWS

Premier League   9:30 AM NBCSN

NCAA Basketball Connecticut vs. Louisville   11:00 AM CBS

NCAA Basketball Oklahoma St. vs. Iowa St.   11:00 AM ESPN

NCAA Basketball Virginia Tech vs. Georgia Tech   11:00 AM ESPN2

Notre Dame vs. North Carolina

Portland vs. LA Lakers

New Orleans vs. LA Lakers

Int’l Friendly: USA vs. Ukraine

Int’l Friendly: Spain vs. Italy

Int’l Friendly: Mexico vs. Nigeria

LA Clippers vs. LA Lakers

Nugaev vs. Quintero

Chelsea vs. TottenhamNCAA Basketball Temple vs. USF   11:00 AM ESPNEWS

MLS Seattle vs. Sporting Kansas City   12 Noon NBCSN

NCAA Basketball Oregon vs. Arizona   1:00 PM CBS

NCAA Basketball Missouri vs. Tennessee   1:00 PM ESPN


NCAA Basketball Indiana vs. Michigan   3:00 PM ESPN

NCAA Hockey Minnesota vs. Ohio St.   3:30 PM ESPNEWS

NBA New York vs. Cleveland   4:30 PM NBATV

NHL Minnesota vs. Dallas   5:30 PM NHLN

NCAA Basketball North Carolina vs. Duke   6:00 PM ESPN

MLS Portland vs. Philadelphia   7:30 PM ROOT

Sunday 3/9

NCAA Basketball Virginia vs. Maryland   9:00 AM CBS

NHL Regional Game   9:30 AM NBC

NBA Miami vs. Chicago   10:00 AM ABC


NBA   12:30 PM ABC

NCAA Basketball Michigan St. vs. Ohio St.   1:30 PM CBS

NBA Detroit vs. Boston   3:00 PM NBATV

NCAA Basketball Boston College vs. North Carolina St.   3:00 PM ESPNU

NBA Portland vs. Houston   4:00 PM KGW

NHL Regional Game   4:30 PM NBCSN

NBA Phoenix vs. Golden State   6:00 PM NBATV

Monday 3/10

NHL Pittsburgh vs. Washington   4:00 PM NHLN

NBA Phoenix vs. LA Clippers   7:30 PM NBATV


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