World Cup Playoffs and Trivia Facts

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Since we are all watching the World Cup series, I thought some trivia would be fun.

-Swedish ref Jonas Eriksson, who officiated during Ghana vs. USA, is arguably wealthier than the players he reprimands. Eriksson is a multi-millionaire after selling his stake in IEC Sports, a media rights business located in Sweden.

-Budweiser is the only beer on sale on the World Cup grounds throughout the entire tournament despite an 11 year government ban on the sale of alcohol in Brazilian football stadiums.

-The caxiorola – Brazil’s official World Cup instrument retails at $14. However, It is banned from all World Cup stadiums because it is too easy to throw at players during the games.

-One of the most dedicated supporters’ groups at the tournament is the American Outlaws, who flew 540 fans on two chartered airplanes to Brazil. They hold “Night Before” and “Pre-Game” parties.

-After the first round of games in the tournament, 49 goals were scored. That is one shy of a 100 percent increase on four years ago.

-So fervent is the enthusiasm for Panini’s World Cup album in Brazil that a van in Rio carrying more than 300,000 stickers was hijacked. Panini says 65m albums worldwide are currently being filled.

-The vanishing foam used to keep players 10 yards from set pieces is the brainchild of Argentinian Pablo Silva. It’s called “9.15″ and was first used at the 2008 Copa Libertadores. In the ’80s, Sir Bobby Charlton was part of a committee that unsuccessfully presented the idea to the FA.  (All  facts posted on “Viral Global News”.)

Have a great week and we’ll see ya there!


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