What’s Rotating at Greeley?

tapOne of the many great qualities Greeley has is the ever rotating beer selection. And as most of you already know (but we do have a lot of new subscribers) when the last drop is drained….it’s gone. That means if the following are your faves, you need to hurry on in! And, if you like and follow Greeley on Facebook and Twitter you’ll be the first to know what’s on tap and the shelf!

Here’s what’s on rotating tap:

  • Bridgeport Trilogy Dry Hopped Pale Ale
  • Beer Valley Owyhee Amber Ale
  • Hub-Rise Up Red
  • Breakside Brewing Pilsner

You’ll enjoy the Bridgeport Trilogy Dry Hopped Pale Ale. It uses a big charge of Crystal Hops at the end of fermentation for a pleasant dry-hop aroma and flavor. The presence of Rye malt gives this beer a slightly spicy malt character and the Munich malts add a soft yet definite mouthfeel. It offers an ABV of 5.1% and IBUs of 40.

Hub-Rise Up Red is a full-bodied Northwest Red Ale. It’s referred to as mahogany smooth and hopped to the rafters with locally grown Cascade and Centennial hops. It offers and ABV of 5.8% and IBU of 60.

Come join us every Sunday and Tuesday evening for Texas Hold ’em. It starts at 7 p.m. both nights. On Wednesday evening at 6:30 Roy Smallwood hosts Quizzy trivia so get your game on.

Here’s a few fun beer facts for you.

  • The word beer comes from the Latin word ‘bibere’ meaning ‘to drink’.
  • The invention of bread and beer has been argued to be responsible for humanity’s ability to develop technology and build civilization.
  • The earliest known chemical evidence of beer dates to circa 3500–3100 BC from the site of Godin Tepe in the Zagros Mountains of western Iran.
  • Monks brewing beer in the Middle Ages were allowed to drink five quarts of beer a day. In ancient times, monks who fasted or abstained from solid food subsisted on beer.
  • The oldest known written recipe is for beer.

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