August means Football at Greeley!

oregon ducksOh yes, August is an awesome month with the beginning of football all the way around! Who doesn’t love football whether it’s college or pro? Of course everyone is talking about the Seahawks and what will they look like this year? Will the cowboys ever win another super bowl or are they washed up forever? And, what’s going on with the Vikings?

The Oregon Ducks and Beavers kick off their first official game on Saturday, August 30th. What’s the buzz on the Ducks right now?

“Oregon plays a challenging schedule in 2014, drawing four teams that finished the 2013 campaign ranked in the final Associated Press Top 25 Poll. Combine those match-ups with the ever-increasing depth of the entire Pac-12, and the Ducks’ path to the College Football Playoff is dotted with potential potholes. Each of the five most important games on the Ducks’ schedule poses its own unique test, though all are crucial to Oregon’s championship ambitions.”   ~ Bleacher Report

We shall see, and of course Greeley will have every game available!

Here’s some college football trivia for you.

  • The first Orange Bowl was played in 1935 between the University of Miami and Manhattan College. To save money, the Manhattan College team took a three-day boat ride to Miami.
  • Irvine Cotton Warburton is the only member of the College Football Hall of Fame to receive an Academy Award. He won for his film editing work on 1964’s Mary Poppins.
  • Chief Osceola, the Florida State mascot who rides out and plants a flaming spear at midfield before each home game, has been approved by Florida’s Seminole Indian Tribe.
  • In the 1940s, college bowl games included the Raisin Bowl, Salad Bowl and Oil Bowl.
  • Michigan holds the record for the most bowl appearances (31).
  • During the 1990s, Prairie View College put together an 80-game losing streak. One season, they were outscored each game by an average margin of 56 to 4.
  • The Oklahoma Sooners hold the record for the longest winning streak in college football. The streak lasted 47 games, from 1954 until 1957.
  • The most laterals in a game (8) came during the Michigan Wolverines’ final play of the Alamo Bowl in 2005.
  • Before every home game, flowers are placed at the graves of every former Uga (the English Bulldog mascot of Georgia).

Have a great week and we’ll see ya there!


Did You Know?

It’ Wednesday, which means it’s Hump day and we are that much closer to the weekend. BUT, it also means that Roy Smallwood is hosting Quizzy Trivia tonight! The fun beings at 6:30 p.m so team up and kick some butt with your awesome trivia knowledge.

For those of you that need a bit of assistance in the trivia department, here’s some great beer and alcohol trivia for you.


  • The Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock because of beer. They had planned to sail further south to a warm climate, but had run out of beer on the journey
  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) was elected in 1932 because of his promise to end Prohibition.
  • In Japan, beer is sold in vending machines, by street vendors and in the train stations.
  • Bourbon is the official alcohol of the United States, by an act of Congress.  Many people have attempted to have that overturned in favor of beer instead throughout the years.
  • American beer is predominately made from rice. That is why it tastes so light compared to foreign beers. This is an American invention to increase profits as they hoped a lighter beer would also draw women to purchase.
  • If you collect beer bottles you are a labeorphilist.
  • The ‘33’ on a bottle of Rolling Rock was originally a printer’s error.  It refers to the 33 words in the original slogan.  It has generated enough mystery over the years that the company left it in the label.
  • The oldest known code of laws is the Code of Hammurabi from ancient Babylonia, about 1750 B.C. It regulated the practices of drinking houses, and called for the death penalty for proprietors found guilty of watering down their beer.
  • In Babylon over 4000 years ago, it was customary for the bride’s father to supply his new son-in-law with all the mead he could drink. As mead is a honey beer and their calendar was lunar based, this period was called the ‘honey month’ – or what we know today as the ‘honeymoon’. In fact, Babylonians believed if the groom drank mead for an entire month, it enhanced the chances of his wife bearing a male heir.

Have a great week and we’ll see ya there!

What’s Rotating at Greeley?

tapOne of the many great qualities Greeley has is the ever rotating beer selection. And as most of you already know (but we do have a lot of new subscribers) when the last drop is drained….it’s gone. That means if the following are your faves, you need to hurry on in! And, if you like and follow Greeley on Facebook and Twitter you’ll be the first to know what’s on tap and the shelf!

Here’s what’s on rotating tap:

  • Bridgeport Trilogy Dry Hopped Pale Ale
  • Beer Valley Owyhee Amber Ale
  • Hub-Rise Up Red
  • Breakside Brewing Pilsner

You’ll enjoy the Bridgeport Trilogy Dry Hopped Pale Ale. It uses a big charge of Crystal Hops at the end of fermentation for a pleasant dry-hop aroma and flavor. The presence of Rye malt gives this beer a slightly spicy malt character and the Munich malts add a soft yet definite mouthfeel. It offers an ABV of 5.1% and IBUs of 40.

Hub-Rise Up Red is a full-bodied Northwest Red Ale. It’s referred to as mahogany smooth and hopped to the rafters with locally grown Cascade and Centennial hops. It offers and ABV of 5.8% and IBU of 60.

Come join us every Sunday and Tuesday evening for Texas Hold ’em. It starts at 7 p.m. both nights. On Wednesday evening at 6:30 Roy Smallwood hosts Quizzy trivia so get your game on.

Here’s a few fun beer facts for you.

  • The word beer comes from the Latin word ‘bibere’ meaning ‘to drink’.
  • The invention of bread and beer has been argued to be responsible for humanity’s ability to develop technology and build civilization.
  • The earliest known chemical evidence of beer dates to circa 3500–3100 BC from the site of Godin Tepe in the Zagros Mountains of western Iran.
  • Monks brewing beer in the Middle Ages were allowed to drink five quarts of beer a day. In ancient times, monks who fasted or abstained from solid food subsisted on beer.
  • The oldest known written recipe is for beer.

What’s Showing in Sports This Week at Greeley

You gotta love Tuesdays for the simple reason that Greeley Avenue Bar and Grill has a list of all the games available delivered to your inbox. How convenient is that? No more searching through  your cable guide, wondering what channel and time the next game comes on. When in doubt, just hop on over the blog, we’ve got it all right here.

Sports This Week At Greeley Ave:

world cup2014 FIFA World Cup

Round Robin Group Play All Week Long!!

Mon 6/16: USA vs. Ghana @ 2:30 PM

Tues 6/17: Brazil vs. Mexico @ 11:30 AM

Wed 6/18: Spain vs. Chile @ 11:30 AM

Thurs 6/19: Uruguay vs. England @ 11:30 AM

soccer ballFri 6/20: Switzerland vs. France @ 11:30 AM

Sat 6/21: Germany vs. Ghana @ 11:30 AM

Sun 6/22: USA vs. Portugal @ 2:30 PM

Golf: Women’s US Open

Thurs 6/19 – Sun 6/22

MLB Baseball

Follow Your Favorite Team Right Here!

Day League/Sport Event Time Channel
Mon 6/16 Soccer World Cup: Germany vs. Portugal 8:30 AM ESPN
Mon 6/16 Soccer World Cup: Iran vs. Nigeria 11:30 AM ESPN
Mon 6/16 Soccer World Cup: USA vs. Ghana 2:30 PM ESPN
Mon 6/16 MLB NY Mets vs. St. Louis 5:00 PM ESPN
Mon 6/16 MLB Seattle vs. San Diego 7:00 PM ROOT
Tues 6/17 Soccer World Cup: Belgium vs. Algeria 8:30 AM ESPN
Tues 6/17 Soccer World Cup: Brazil vs. Mexico 11:30 AM ESPN
Tues 6/17 MLB Seattle vs. San Diego 12:30 PM ROOT
Tues 6/17 Soccer World Cup: Russia vs. South Korea 2:30 PM ESPN
Tues 6/17 MLB Regional Game 4:00 PM MLBN
Wed 6/18 Soccer World Cup: Australia vs. Netherlands 8:30 AM ESPN
Wed 6/18 Soccer World Cup: Spain vs. Chile 11:30 AM ESPN
Wed 6/18 Soccer World Cup: Cameroon vs. Croatia 2:30 PM ESPN
Wed 6/18 MLB LA Angels vs. Cleveland 4:00 PM ESPN2
Wed 6/18 MLB Seattle vs. San Diego 7:00 PM ROOT
Thurs 6/19 Soccer World Cup: Colombia vs. Ivory Coast 8:30 AM ESPN
Thurs 6/19 Soccer World Cup: Uruguay vs. England 11:30 AM ESPN
Thurs 6/19 WPGA US Women’s Open: Round 1 12 Noon ESPN2
Thurs 6/19 Soccer World Cup: Japan vs. Greece 2:30 PM ESPN
Thurs 6/19 MLB Seattle vs. San Diego 3:30 PM ROOT
Thurs 6/19 MLB Regional Game 4:00 PM MLBN
Fri 6/20 Soccer World Cup: Italy vs. Costa Rica 8:30 AM ESPN
Fri 6/20 Soccer World Cup: Switzerland vs. France 11:30 AM ESPN
Fri 6/20 WPGA US Women’s Open: Round 2 12 Noon ESPN2
Fri 6/20 Soccer World Cup: Honduras vs. Ecuador 2:30 PM ESPN
Fri 6/20 MLB Regional Game 4:00 PM MLBN
Fri 6/20 MLB Seattle vs. Kansas City 5:00 PM ROOT
Sat 6/21 Soccer World Cup: Argentina vs. Iran 8:30 AM ESPN
Sat 6/21 NASCAR Nationwide Series Qualifying 8:30 AM ESPN2
Sat 6/21 MLB Baltimore vs. NY Yankees 10:00 AM MLBN
Sat 6/21 MLB Seattle vs. Kansas City 11:00 AM ROOT
Sat 6/21 Soccer World Cup: Germany vs. Ghana 11:30 AM ESPN
Sat 6/21 NASCAR Gardner Denver 200 11:45 AM ABC
Sat 6/21 WPGA US Women’s Open: Round 3 12 Noon NBCSN
Sat 6/21 MLB Regional Game 1:00 PM MLBN
Sat 6/21 Soccer World Cup: Nigeria vs. Bosnia-Herz. 2:30 PM ESPN
Sat 6/21 Arena Football Cleveland vs. Philadelphia 3:00 PM CBSSN
Sat 6/21 NHRA Auto-Plus NE Nat’ls Qualifying 4:00 PM ESPN2
Sat 6/21 MLB Regional Game 4:15 PM FOX
Sat 6/21 MLB Texas vs. LA Angels 7:00 PM FS1
Sun 6/22 Soccer World Cup: Belgium vs. Russia 8:30 AM ABC
Sun 6/22 NHRA Auto-Plus New England Nationals 10:00 AM ESPN
Sun 6/22 WNBA Tulsa vs. Chicago 10:00 AM ESPN2
Sun 6/22 MLB Seattle vs. Kansas City 11:00 AM ROOT
Sun 6/22 Soccer World Cup: South Korea vs. Algeria 11:30 AM ABC
Sun 6/22 WPGA US Women’s Open: Final Round 12 Noon NBCSN
Sun 6/22 NASCAR Toyota/Save Mart 350 12 Noon TNT
Sun 6/22 Soccer World Cup: USA vs. Portugal 2:30 PM ESPN
Sun 6/22 MLB Texas vs. LA Angels 5:00 PM ESPN
Mon 6/23 Soccer World Cup: Netherlands vs. Chile 8:30 AM ESPN
Mon 6/23 Soccer World Cup: Australia vs. Spain 8:30 AM ESPN2
Mon 6/23 Tennis Wimbledon 2014 11:00 AM ESPN2
Mon 6/23 Soccer World Cup: Croatia vs. Mexico 12:30 PM ESPN
Mon 6/23 Soccer World Cup: Cameroon vs. Brazil 12:30 PM ESPN2
Mon 6/23 MLB Washington vs. Milwaukee 5:00 PM ESPN2
Mon 6/23 MLB Seattle vs. Boston 7:00 PM ROOT

Sports This Week At Greeley Ave

Hey everyone! Don’t forget to join us tonight for Greeley Grindhouse at 7:20 p.m.! A little William Shatner and Andy Griffith will do you good!

Here’s an update of what’s on this week At Greeley Ave! This will get your through the rest of the week so grab a drink, kick back and watch some good games!Portland-Timbers

Portland Timbers Soccer
Regular Season Opener!!
Sat 3/8 vs. Philadelphia @ 7:30 PM

US Men’s Soccer
Wed 3/5 vs. Ukraine @ 10:30 AM

Portland Trailblazers Basketball
Mon 3/3 vs. LA Lakers @ 7 PM
Wed 3/5 vs. Atlanta @ 7:30 PM
Fri 3/7 vs. Dallas @ 5:30 PM
Sun 3/9 vs. Houston @ 4 PM

winterhawksPortland Winterhawks Hockey
Fri 3/7 vs. Seattle @ 7 PM

Thursday 3/6

 NCAA Basketball Memphis vs. Cincinnati   4:00 PM ESPN

NCAA Basketball LSU vs. Vanderbilt   4:00 PM ESPN2

NCAA Basketball Penn St. vs. Northwestern   4:00 PM ESPNU

NHL Colorado vs. Detroit   4:30 PM NHLN

NBA Miami vs. San Antonio   5:00 PM TNT

NCAA Basketball Iowa vs. Michigan St.   6:00 PM ESPN

NCAA Basketball UCLA vs. Washington   6:00 PM ESPN2

NCAA Basketball Hawaii vs. UC Santa Barbara   6:00 PM ESPNU

NBA   7:30 PM TNT

NCAA Basketball USC vs. Washington St.   8:00 PM ESPNU

Friday 3/7

NBA Memphis vs. Chicago   4:00 PM ESPN

NCAA Basketball Kent St. vs. Akron   4:00 PM ESPN2

NBA Portland vs. Dallas   5:30 PM CSN

Fri Night Fights   6:00 PM ESPN2

NBA Indiana vs. Houston   6:30 PM ESPN

WHL Portland vs. Seattle   7:00 PM ROOT

Saturday 3/8

NCAA Basketball Kentucky vs. Florida   9:00 AM CBS

NCAA Basketball Kansas vs. West Virginia   9:00 AM ESPN

NCAA Basketball SMU vs. Memphis   9:00 AM ESPN2

NCAA Basketball Cincinnati vs. Rutgers   9:00 AM ESPNEWS

Premier League   9:30 AM NBCSN

NCAA Basketball Connecticut vs. Louisville   11:00 AM CBS

NCAA Basketball Oklahoma St. vs. Iowa St.   11:00 AM ESPN

NCAA Basketball Virginia Tech vs. Georgia Tech   11:00 AM ESPN2

Notre Dame vs. North Carolina

Portland vs. LA Lakers

New Orleans vs. LA Lakers

Int’l Friendly: USA vs. Ukraine

Int’l Friendly: Spain vs. Italy

Int’l Friendly: Mexico vs. Nigeria

LA Clippers vs. LA Lakers

Nugaev vs. Quintero

Chelsea vs. TottenhamNCAA Basketball Temple vs. USF   11:00 AM ESPNEWS

MLS Seattle vs. Sporting Kansas City   12 Noon NBCSN

NCAA Basketball Oregon vs. Arizona   1:00 PM CBS

NCAA Basketball Missouri vs. Tennessee   1:00 PM ESPN


NCAA Basketball Indiana vs. Michigan   3:00 PM ESPN

NCAA Hockey Minnesota vs. Ohio St.   3:30 PM ESPNEWS

NBA New York vs. Cleveland   4:30 PM NBATV

NHL Minnesota vs. Dallas   5:30 PM NHLN

NCAA Basketball North Carolina vs. Duke   6:00 PM ESPN

MLS Portland vs. Philadelphia   7:30 PM ROOT

Sunday 3/9

NCAA Basketball Virginia vs. Maryland   9:00 AM CBS

NHL Regional Game   9:30 AM NBC

NBA Miami vs. Chicago   10:00 AM ABC


NBA   12:30 PM ABC

NCAA Basketball Michigan St. vs. Ohio St.   1:30 PM CBS

NBA Detroit vs. Boston   3:00 PM NBATV

NCAA Basketball Boston College vs. North Carolina St.   3:00 PM ESPNU

NBA Portland vs. Houston   4:00 PM KGW

NHL Regional Game   4:30 PM NBCSN

NBA Phoenix vs. Golden State   6:00 PM NBATV

Monday 3/10

NHL Pittsburgh vs. Washington   4:00 PM NHLN

NBA Phoenix vs. LA Clippers   7:30 PM NBATV

The GoodLife at Greeley Avenue Bar and Grill

Happy HolidaysWith only a few weeks left in 2013 Greeley Avenue Bar and Grill offers you a place to have some down time. With an abundance of TVs’ and games on, grab a cocktail, some food and kick back.

While you are checking your Holiday shopping list, don’t forget that you can purchase your friends and family a drink deck. Another great gift idea is a gift card. Greeley Avenue is now accepting them so hop on over to check it out. A gift card can make a great last-minute stocking stuffer or an emergency present.

Here’s your upcoming NFL schedule:

Thursday, December 12th:

  • San Diego at Denver

Sunday, December 15th:

  • Washington at Atlanta
  • Chicago at Cleveland
  • Arizona at Tennessee
  • Houston at Indianapolis
  • New Orleans at St. Louis
  • New England at Miami
  • Philadelphia at Minnesota
  • Seattle at NY Giants
  • San Francisco at Tampa Bay
  • Buffalo at Jacksonville
  • Kansas City at Oakland
  • NY Jets at Carolina
  • Green Bay at Dallas
  • Cincinnati at Pittsburgh

Monday, December 16th:

  • Baltimore at Detroit

GoodLifeGreeley is offering some new flavors on their rotating taps. Grab them while available. You can choose from:

  • GoodLife’s Mountain Rescue dry-hopped pale ale
  • Ninkasi’s Believer
  • Worthy’s Lights Out Stout
  • HUB’s Abominable

The GoodLife Mountain Rescue Pale Ale, brewed in Bend, Oregon, was created as a crossroads beer between two styles of beer, the Amber Ale and the India Pale Ale (IPA). While it lacks the malt character of Amber Ale or the high hop profile of an IPA, Pale Ale does have a balanced body and character that creates a refreshing, clean, flavorful beer. This beer offers a IBU of 40 and ABV of 5.5%.

Have a great week and we’ll see ya there!