Greeley Grindhouse Presents…

Pray for the Wildcats DVD-500x500Join us for the Greeley Grindhouse on Thursday, March 6th as William Shatner, Robert Reed and Andy Griffith bike their way into trouble with the screening of Pray for the Wildcats made in 1974. The show begins at 7:20 p.m.

Pray for the Wildcats  originally aired as an ABC Movie of the Week. This thriller-drama draws you into the world of a psychopathic business executive chasing his workers on dirt bikes through the desert after he killed a young man. This film has big stars including William Shatner and Andy Griffith.

And, here’s a little more about Pray for the Wildcats.

Sam Farragut, played by Andy Griffith,  is a sociopathic business executive in Southern California who raises the marketing stakes by making a team of advertising agency employees, (William Shatner, Robert Reed, and Marjoe Gortner) embark on a dangerous dirt bike trip to the Baja California desert in order to compete for his business.

The group of men being considered for the job includes Warren Summerfield (Shatner) a suicidal middle-aged ad executive who has been fired from the agency; Paul McIlvain (Reed) who is inattentive to his wife, Angie Dickinson, and an art designer Maxon (Gortner) who has recently found out his girlfriend (Janet Margolin) is pregnant.

Farragut convinces the men to make the motorcycle journey in order to find a location to shoot the commercial. However, Farragut has other plans and is looking to involve the men in a crazy adventure. After they leave, McIlvain’s wife suspects that Summerfield is planning to kill himself for the insurance money, but she cannot convince Summerfield’s wife to instigate a search.

So what will happen in this group of men competing for business? Who dies and who stays alive? Show up to find out!

And, if you love this movie it’s available on DVD as part of a set called “Movies for the Man Cave 4.”

Have a great week and we’ll see ya there!


Greeley Grindhouse Presents…

ManitouEveryone had another great night at the Greeley Grindhouse last month. The crowd keeps getting bigger and bigger. Thanks to everyone who came to watch killer brains attack in FIEND WITHOUT A FACE (1958). Join us this Thursday, February 13th, as Greeley shows THE MANITOU (1978), the story of an evil Indian medicine man….who grows out of a woman’s neck.

You’ll think twice next time you feel a lump in your neck, but don’t panic! You most likely have a swollen gland, but unfortunately for Karen, played by Susan Strasberg, she wasn’t quite so lucky.

The movie opens with Karen arriving at a San Francisco hospital due to suffering from a growing tumor on her neck. The staff rushes her off for X-rays and after some discussion; the doctors begin to think her tumor is a living creature…a fetus being born inside the tumor.

Strange and gruesome things begin to occur. In fact, the tumor thinks it’s under attack as a result of the X-rays used to discover exactly what it is. And, the X-rays left side effects and the tumor is beginning to stunt and develop deformities.

What exactly is this growth? How about an old Native American shaman, Misquamacus, who is reincarnating himself through the young woman to exact his revenge on white men who invaded North America and exterminated his people.

A second Native American shaman is contacted and hired to help fight the reincarnating medicine man, but the kind of spirits he can summon and control appears too weak to match his opponent’s abilities.

What’s next in this battle of the shamans, and what happens to Karen? Join us at 7:20 p.m. and find out!

Have a great week and we’ll see ya there!

Greeley Grindhouse Presents…

Blood FreakIt’s Greeley Grindhouse time once again! Mac Bell will show a killer turkey movie to celebrate the upcoming Thanksgiving day. Join Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill on Tuesday, November 19th at 7:20 PM for a showing of Blood Freak.

This movie was born in 1972 and follows Vietnam Veteran Herschell (Steve Hawkes).  While taking a ride on his motorcycle he stops to help a young woman named Angel, played by Heather Hughes, who experienced car difficulties. Herschell takes Angel back to her home where he meets her sister, Anne, (played by Dana Cullivan), and several of her friends who are smoking weed. Although Herschell declines the weed, it isn’t long before he changes his mind, engages and immediately finds himself addicted.

Herschell goes on to find a job at a local turkey farm where he meets two scientists who are experimenting by testing certain chemicals on turkey meat. Herschell agrees to participate in a test by eating some of the turkey meat; to convince him to agree, the scientists bribe him with more marijuana. After eating the entire turkey, he passes out and suffers a seizure. The two scientists eventually find him, and terrified of their experiments being discovered, they dump Herschell’s body in the woods. But Herschell isn’t dead. When he wakes up he discovers his head is now a giant turkey’s head instead of his own! And, instead of craving weed, he now craves the blood of other addicts!

After finding Anne and asking for help, she agrees, but after Herschell kills three people to satisfy his habit, Anne finally goes to two friends to stop Herschell. Their plan? Beheading him with a machete. Will they succeed or will Herschell continue to reek havoc upon the community?

Show up and find out!

A bit of trivia: throughout the film, director Brad Grinter periodically appears to offer his commentary on the action.

Have a great week and we’ll see ya there!

Football and Halloween at Greeley Avenue Bar and Grill

We are a week away from Halloween! 2013 has flown by and the upcoming holidays will arrive before we know it, but in the meantime Greeley has some football!

The Ducks and Beavers are having a great year so far! UCLA travels to Oregon to meet the Ducks at Autzen Stadium Saturday, October 26th. That same day Stanford will travel to Corvallis where they play the BeaversBeavers. Their kickoff occurs at 7:30 p.m. If you aren’t making the drive to the stadiums, Greeley has you covered. Grab your buddies and come on over where you’ll receive fantastic service, choices from a great menu and a full bar to choose from.

Everyone’s talking NFL, who’s hot and who’s not. The Seahawks lost by a touchdown to the Indianapolis Colts a few weeks ago which cost them their status of being undefeated. I’m sure we would all love to see them at the Superbowl this year so hopefully they will stay focused and move forward.

Other teams that are kicking butt include the Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs. Although, the Broncos lost their undefeated position also against the Colts last Sunday, they are utilizing Peyton Manning and seeing huge gains overalll.  It’s been a while since the Chiefs have done well, but their proving themselves so far this season. Here’s your upcoming schedule:

Thursday, October 24th:

  • Panthers at Bucaneers

Sunday, October 27th:

  • 49ers at Jaguars
  • Browns at Chiefs
  • Dolphins at Patriots
  • Bills at Saints
  • Cowboys at Lions
  • Giants at Eagles
  • Steelers at Raiders
  • Jets at Bengals
  • Falcons at Cardinals
  • Redskins at Broncos
  • Packers at Vikings

Monday, October 28th:

  • Seahawks at Rams

Don’t forget Quizzies with Roy Smallwood Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. Greeley Grindhouse will play a horror flick on Tuesday the 29th so stay tuned for details!

Halloween is next week so stop by Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill in costume and get a free drink! Who can say no to free?

Have a great week and we’ll see ya there!

Greeley Grindhouse Presents…

DeathstalkerposterGreeley Grindhouse presents “Deathstalker” Thursday, August 15th, beginning at 8:00 p.m. You’ll enjoy this Conan rip off that offers sorcery and sword fights!

What’s this grindhouse movie about? A witch sends the  warrior, Deathstalker, on a quest to find a chalice, an amulet, and a sword, two of which are held by the wicked sorcerer Munkar, played by Bernard Erhard. Deathstalker finds the sword easily and sets out to Munkar’s castle. 

On his journey, Deathstalker meets a warrior named Ogrhis (Richard Brooker) who informs him of a tournament. Munkar has invited warriors to participate in contests until only one is left standing. And what does the winner get? Munkar’s kingdom. Along the way to the tournament, the pair meet Kaira, a female warrior (Lana Clarkson) who agrees to accompany them on their journey.

Arriving at Munkar’s castle, Deathstalker and the other warriors are invited to get drunk and rape Munkar’s harem slaves, including Princess Codille (Barbi Benton). Deathstalker isn’t to excited about the proposition and instead rescues Princess Codille. But, only briefly as Munkar takes her back.

The tournament continues for several days and Deathstalker searches for the other two artifacts at night. By then, almost all the other contestants have killed each other, and Deathstalker faces Munkar for the battle that will truly test their skills.

The film is noteworthy for launching the career of Lana Clarkson. Clarkson went on to work with executive producer Roger Corman on the films Barbarian Queen and Barbarian Queen II: The Empress Strikes Back. She also guest starred in an episode of the television show Black Scorpion.

Mac Bell is once again hosting this awesome and entertaining event. Grab your friends, cold beers and a bite to eat while watching the movie.

Here’s the address:

5421 N Greeley Ave
Portland, OR 97217

Have a fantastic week, and we’ll see ya there!

The Giant Spider Invasion Playing at Greeley Grindhouse

GiantspiderinvasionIf there’s a favorite time at Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill it’s during Quizzies and the Greeley Grindhouse.

Quizzies continues the fun each Wednesday evening at 6:00 p.m. with Roy’s great sense of humor and trivia questions. So team on up, use your help line (the Greeley Bar & Grill staff) and win the game!

Greeley Grindhouse will show “The Giant Spider Invasion” on Thursday, July 18th at 8:00 PM. This creepy crawly movie will keep you on your toes as spiders invade.

This low-budget 1975 film focuses on giant spiders that terrorize the town of Merrill, Wisconsin and the surrounding area. Starring Alan Hale Jr. (The Skipper from Gilligan’s Island), this movie revolves around a  spider invasion which occurs when what appears to be a meteorite crashes down in rural Wisconsin. It then spawns spiders of different sizes. The invasion, the result of an inter-dimensional gateway, is thwarted when Dr. Vance and Dr. Langer struggle, but manage to close off the gateway. This drains the spiders of their energy and causes them to melt into puddles of disgusting sludge.

The iconic theatrical poster art was a throwback to the giant monster movies of the 1950’s. The film received a considerable run and became one of the fifty top grossing films of that year. After a three-time ABC television network run, the movie achieved additional exposure several years later when it was featured in a 1997 episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K). It’s now regarded as a cult classic in the B film realm.

Mark your calendars and join Greeley and the movie mogul, Mac Bell, as he entertains everyone with Smack TV once again.

Have a great week, and we’ll see ya there!